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Here we are sitting again with these 2 successful Ladies in the fashion industry, Nilgun Hamati & Rima Abi Chahine from Bo Factor.

Not only their babouches are a hit, Siren Ertan has them on her own website, they are at Brandroom Istanbul, they are worn all over the middle east, and they are seen in cities like Los Angeles and London, but the Ladies at Bo Factor have also started a new line of sportswear.

We asked them why and how.


Rima: Covid-19 changed our behaviour and approach to life. Customers are generally avoiding public places. Shopping is limited. Brands are having to adapt and to be flexible to meet changing needs. Many stores are closed, and most people started working from home. So, in times like this, what are you looking for? Comfort, yes comfort and a lot of comfort!
We, as Bo Factor, give a big importance to our clients’ needs. We also care about small businesses and about all the few craftsmen left. We are bound to these men and women who keep making beautiful custom wear using centuries old traditions. Therefore, we decided to add to the Babouches other pieces, for one to help the small businesses and for two to meet today’s needs.

Since comfort is related to serenity and to peace of mind, we combined our pictures with sports and especially yoga which represents all the above.

Working with Zeynep is a great experience, she is my Yoga teacher, and she is pure inspiration.

Also we would like to thank Ersin and Benek from Karanlikutu, the photo shooting went smoothly and perfectly!


Nilgun: Yes, comfort is more important for people now. However, we do not compromise our elegance. It is important to feel comfortable and good even if we are at home. This is what we and the world have become…

Not only you can buy some readymade, but you can also design your own pieces. You will be able to see the output of your own creativity as well as ready-made products. Custom made is a nice privilege when we want to feel more special today.

A significant change, we now offer services to other companies as wholesale. This is our new branch, where we put a lot of effort into it. We started with kimonos, bags and sportswear and we will add new products in line with the demands.

We mostly deal with leather, fabric, and accessories. We hope you will like our new concept. Take care, stay safe!


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