Wives, moms, travels, style, décor, food… Been there done that.

Nilgun and Rima wanted something different.  They have been friends for over 15 years, the business relationship kind of came naturally and they enjoy it to the fullest.

Nilgun is a progressive thinker and respects each person’s space & values. She always looks forward to meeting new people. Her passion is art and new creations. She is the rare collector, always on the look-out for that standout point and always travelling to source quality pieces from far flung fairs and auctions.

Rima looks at fashion as a form of art. “How you dress can interpret how a person feels or how their day went” She claims.  After many years in the yachting industry, she decided to finally pursue her dream career “Fashion”, and being an inveterate fashionista, she wanted to start a line that responds to a niche of people who want to blend comfort and style.

Inspired by the old times and vintage life, both Ladies decided to bring yesterday’s style into today, and this is how
Bo Factor’s Babouches were born…

The mission is to offer high-quality handmade luxury product taking traditional footwear and giving it a contemporary modern twist. Nilgun and Rima are bound to these men and women who keep making beautiful custom wear using centuries old traditions.

Bo Factor shoes “Babouches” are entirely handmade with naturally tanned leather from Istanbul. The leather sole is lightly padded for more comfort. For care, we just wipe them using a clean, soft cloth.

Whatever the weather! 

Whether you are easy lounging at home, 

hosting an event, 

going for a walk, 

or prepping for a big occasion, 

Bo Factor can pull a comfortable and a unique look!